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My qualifications

Master degree in language, letterature and foreign culture

diploma of capacity to teach french as a foreign language

Bonjour !

I'm Adeline,


I'm a qualified teacher, who has been teaching French for 7 years now. I've taught in language centres, Alliance Française, French Institutes and professional schools (hotels, nursing schools).

From France to Italy, via the Netherlands and Morocco, I've carried my teachers' suitcases to several countries and taught students of all nationalities. My aim has always been to help each of them progress by adapting to their level and specific needs.

My youngest student was 4 and my oldest 75: there's no age limit to learning! 


My teaching method:

I always speak to my students in French. With gestures (and a smile), with drawings, explaining, repeating, and it works: my students progress faster this way. 


What I offer: 

Individual or group lessons depending on your availability and expectations.

Exam preparation courses (DELF, DALF, TCF - Aosta Valley Region exams).

Face-to-face or online lessons.


Contact me for an initial discussion.

Together we will define your level, your objectives and a suitable programme.

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